“Color Art Tab” Browser Extension

Generative Art of Custom Colors with Every New Tab!

Our browser extension transforms every new tab into a display of beautiful generative color art. You have the freedom to customize the art by selecting one or multiple colors from a color map. Additionally, you can choose from eight different art styles. Select your favorite colors and art style, and enjoy a new, random background every time you open a tab.

Main Features:

  1. Choose Your Colors: Click extension icon to open the popup window about setting. After clicking on a color on the color map, the generative art will be changed to that color in the background. If you choose more than one color, each new tab will show the background in each of your selected colors, one after another.
  2. Choose Art Styles: In the same window, select the art style you prefer from a dropdown list, and the background will change to that style.
  3. Keep or Change Backgrounds: On the current tab page, click the lock icon at the top right to either keep your background the same or change it every time you open a new tab.
  4. Switch Backgrounds Easily: On the current tab page, use the rotate icon at the bottom right to quickly switch backgrounds. When you find one you really like, you can lock it.

Enjoy a fun browsing experience with this extension, making every new tab open to a beautiful color background.